Message from the Campus Chief

Dear students, welcome to the Triveni International College (TIC), your destination of prospective institution for learning in higher studies.
The College is sincerely committed to provide you the best days that would be spent for academic growth and excellence. Our best effort in arrangement of college premise, physical facilities and teaching faculties proves well about the academic commitment. You would enjoy the ample facilities here: well-furnished classrooms, playground and courts, garden, canteen, library and computer lab. Our teachers are always eager to guide, facilitate and nurture you in learning. We hope ardently that your stay will be suffused with warmth, affection, encouragement and alacrity.

Dear students, you will dwell and adjust to the conducive homily academic milieu here. You would dare to excel in learning of the content, critical analysis and skill development related to the areas and subjects. Our prime motive is to disclose you for leadership and social responsibility through the forums of Study Circles, Student Welfare Committee and Student Clubs.

We have remained diligent to manage and deliver at best to cater the academic needs of the students in rapidly changing social and professional context in the 21 Century. In this regard, our mission of being qualified as the QAA certified institution of higher education will ascertain to add more credence to quality assurance.