Message from the Chairperson

Dear students, I would like to welcome to you all at Triveni International College (TIC), and acknowledge your choice of this college for higher education and academic achievement.

As it stands today and tries to be tomorrow as the promising academic centre, TIC has been a mutual output assigned among the college shareholders, Board of Directors, teachers, students, alumni and other stakeholders. Obviously, our mutual enterprise has been successful. TIC has grown with diversified approach for teaching and learning.

The college Board of Director is committed to improve physical facilities, quality of education and overall learning environment despite the fact that the gains are already substantive. We are running Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) and Master of Business Studies (MBS) programs successfully with a good number of students and their achievement has been remarkable.

Dear students, being a student at TIC is not just a befallen moment by sheer luck. It is more a matter of harboring academic passion and commitment which goad you to be a responsible citizen and good human being. During your stay, perseverance, dedication and expertise of the teachers will happen to be a beacon for the academic journey you will trail on. We hope for full blown realization of your potentiality as a learner on your own choice.