Master of Business Studies (MBS)

The objective of the Master of Business Studies (MBS) program is to enable the students to work as competent business persons mangers and to meet the demand of higher level human resources including managers in organizations, particularly in the functional area of management. Upon graduation, a student should be able to work as a manager in business, industry, government and non-government sectors, within and outside the country, in areas like accounting, marketing, finance and general management.

Why MBS?
 To specialize in the managerial skill, administration, accountancy and financial knowledge.
 To acquire effective knowledge of management, teaching and standard calculation necessary in the business field.
 To study the revised and updated course of Tribhuvan University, one of the most prestigious universities of Nepal.
 To learn research skill and develop research aptitude as a part of academic career.
 To acquire worldwide academic credit and eligibility along with credit transfer for job and future study.
 To encourage entrepreneurial capacities in students so as to make effective change agents in the Nepalese society.
 To prepare the foundation for advanced studies and research activities in the field of management studies.

The Master of Business Studies (MBS) program requires to complete the study with the total of 1000 marks. In four semesters, the syllabus has been outlined as fourteen analytical and core courses (700 marks), two specialization courses (200 marks) and a thesis or two seminar papers (100 marks).

MBS Detail Course 2018 onwards