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The Triveni International College (TIC) is a Tribhuvan University affiliated private college. It was established in 2067 BS (2010 A.D.) with the due effort by the academicians, social workers and entrepreneurs. It is private run after having acknowledged the fact that a private college can be better managed and can deliver quality in the uncompromising way for higher education. Since its commencement, TIC has been able to fulfill the academic lack for higher education in Lekhnath area which is also now known as new Pokhara, the eastern part of Pokhara valley in Kaski district, Gandaki province of Nepal. The college is located in Talchowk, the prime location of Lekhnath, which renders the wide accessibility for the students from the locality and beyond. At present, TIC running BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies) and MBS (Master of Business Studies), respectively the undergraduate and postgraduate programs of Management education with the affiliation of Tribhuvan University. In the near future, TIC would like to add and run market and socially demanded programs and promote itself to be the center of excellence for the higher education in professional, management and social science subjects. TIC owns nine ropani (0.45 hectare) of land, an academic building and the facilities like canteen, basketball, volleyball, courts and garden—enough facilities and milieu to procure and sustain serene academic environment in the lap of Machhapuchchhre and Annapurna Himalaya. The college is equipped with well-ventilated and attractive classrooms, furniture, washrooms and offices. The college has objectives of imparting knowledge, skill, and experiences widely shared and debated in the global discourse so as to lead the students towards academic curiosity, research, innovation and critical awareness. Moreover, learners will inculcate and dissipate the values in the real-life workplace and society as they evolve to be professionals, activists, managers, experts, and leaders and contribute to the shared benefit of the nation and the fellow mankind. This institution is striving to be QAA certified. After submitting the Letter of Intent (LOI) to the QAA division of University Grant Commission (UGC), we have managed to fulfill most of the criteria for the mission. Such an underscoring task, obviously will not only promote the academic quality and delivery from the college; but also upgrade the institution for national and international recognition. Along this, TIC has planned to materialize its academic mission to become the Learning Centre for Academic Excellence.