Enrollment Requirements for BBS

 Students who have passed secondary level in management or science or equivalent level (recognized by Ministry of Education of Nepal) along with the minimum requirements set by Tribhuvan University are eligible for admission in BBS.
 Students have to attend interview and any other criteria prescribed by Tribhuvan University for admission as scheduled by the college.
 All students have to attend college with the prescribed college dress.

Enrollment Requirements for MBS

 Students who have passed undergraduate level (Bachelor’s Degree) in any stream are eligible for admission in MBS.
 All the students have to pass the CMAT exam taken by the Dean Office of the Management Faculty, Tribhuvan University.

Provision of Scholarship

 TIC welcomes and encourages for quality education by offering limited number of scholarships to the students. Assuming special academic responsibility the college offers scholarships to the students who come from economically and socially marginalized groups, including poor, Dalits, Educationally Disadvantaged Janajatis (EDJs).

Special provision:
 The students who score the highest marks in the final examination of BBS deserve full scholarship in tuition fee.
 Based on score of merit, only five plus two topper students from public or institutional  schools are awarded with 100 percent scholarship in tuition fee.
Partial scholarship: For the Poor, Dalit, EDJs and the students from the Public Nepali Medium Schools.

 Male Students: White striped shirt, Red Brown pants, Black Sweater, Black shoes and Black socks.
 Female Students: White striped shirt, Red Brown pants or skirt, Black Sweater, Black shoes and Black socks.
 Dress for week interval for both male and female students: Blue appareled T-shirt with College Logo and Black Jeans Pants.

Rules and Regulations for the students:
 Students have to arrive in prescribed dress in College.
 Students should attend classes regularly. College regards the punctuality as an important duty of the students.
 Students should take part in co-curricular activities, sports contest and social service activities organized by the college, Study Circles, Student Welfare Committee and respective student clubs.
 Students are obliged for their own betterment to accept and fulfill the basic duties of doing assignment and tasks within the given time.
 Students are expected to maintain and upgrade sound academic environment with friendliness, warmth and cooperation among themselves and with due respect and cooperation with the teachers.
 TIC does not entertain excessive make up, adornment with jewelry and distortion in looks and dresses of any kind.
 Use of mobile phone is accepted if used properly for the academic purpose.
Disregarding the academic purpose and digressions in use of the gadget happens to be the matter of serious objection.
 Students are obliged to use the college library properly and effectively as per the rule and system.