Having got affiliation in 2067 B.S from Tribhuwan University, Triveni International College has been established as a private college to fulfill educational lack in Lekhnath Municipality and Pokhara. Run by the dignities of different walks of life, it aims to modernize the existing college education practice by introducing emerging shades of teaching learning approaches, methods and techniques. It genuinely aims to revise the drawbacks in the college education commonly practiced in Nepal. As a matter of common facts, Nepali College Education has been the victim of theoretical isolation, impractical presentations in the classrooms, sterile learning and backtracks from the competitive national and international market demands. There are big gaps between theoretical learning and practical application, knowledge from the books and day to day life problems. Teaching learning rituals might go on their own but the current practice has failed to make the students creative, critical, innovative and curious. Learning is a matter of passion and joy, and the practice of searching new ideas, making connections and be researchful. TIC has deeply realized these problems and has effectively aimed to erase them to a large extent along with the appropriate teaching learning activities. It has been running BBS program in the morning shift with extra facilities and management for four years, and has been offering the best education at the minimum fee. It has immediate plans of adding other highly demanded faculties of bachelor’s level and master’s level in the near future. At TIC you will find management and amenities on private based but not the tuition and other fees. A good number of students are pursuing for admission here for the quality education and the best result. Undoubtedly TIC has proved itself as one of the best institution. This time also TIC announces admission for BBS study for the new academic year 2072.